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Security Plan

Security Plan Scenario : Widget Warehouse is a medium sized e-commerce company that supports 200 customers daily. The student has been hired to assist in the development of a new security policy. An assignment has been received to analyse the current network of Widget Warehouse. The Widget Warehouse network is comprised of an intranet with 200 users, and a public Web server that processes the company e-commerce traffic. The internal network is logically divided into an information technology (IT) department branch, an accounting branch, a customer service branch, a sales branch, and an inventory branch. Step 1 Create a list of various attack intruders: a. The IT department for Widget Warehouse has a general understanding of security but they are very inexperienced with the various attacks an intruder can use to exploit their network resources. Create a list of various attacks intruders can use maliciously against the Widget Warehouse network. Also, provide a brief description of possible attacks, including their purpose. Attack Name Attack Description Brute force attack This attack uses a specific character set (such as A-Z, 0-9) and computes the hash for every possible password made up of those characters. Eavesdropping When an attacker is eavesdropping on our communications, it is referred to as sniffing or snooping. The ability of an eavesdropper to monitor the network is generally the biggest security problem that administrators face in an enterprise. Without strong encryption services that are based on cryptography, our data can be read by others as it traverses the network. Denial-of-Service Attack The denial-of-service attack prevents normal use of your computer or network by valid users. After gaining access to the network the attacker can send invalid data to applications or network services, which causes abnormal termination or behaviour of the applications or services, attacker can flood a computer or the entire network with traffic until a shutdown occurs because of the overload, attacker can Block traffic, which may result in loss of access our network resources by the users. Data Modification After an attacker has read our data, the next logical step is to alter it. An attacker can modify the data in the packet without the knowledge of the sender or receiver. Even if we do not require confidentiality for all communications or we do not want any of the messages to be modified in transit. For example, if one is exchanging purchase requisitions, he does not want the items, amounts, or billing information to be modified. Identity Spoofing (IP Address Spoofing) Most networks and operating systems use the IP address of a computer to identify a valid entity. In certain cases, it is possible for an IP address to be falsely assumed— identity spoofing. An attacker might also use special programs to construct IP packets that appear to originate from valid addresses inside the corporate intranet. After gaining access to the network with a valid IP address, the attacker can modify, reroute, or delete your data. Password-Based Attacks A common denominator of most operating system and network security plans is password-based access control. Thus the access rights to a computer and network resources are determined by the person, the user name and the password. Older applications do not always protect identity information as it is passed through the network for validation. This might allow an eavesdropper to gain access to the network by posing as a valid user. Sniffer Attack A sniffer is an application or device that can read, monitor, and capture network data exchanges and read network packets. If the packets are not encrypted, a sniffer provides a full view of the data inside the packet. Even encapsulated (tunnelled) packets can be broken open and read unless they are encrypted and the attacker does not have access to the key. Man-in-the-Middle Attack The man-in-the-middle attack occurs when someone between you and the person with whom you are communicating is actively monitoring, capturing, and controlling your communication transparently. For example, the attacker can re-route a data exchange. When computers are communicating at low levels of the network layer, the computers might not be able to determine with whom they are exchanging data. Trojan horses and worms Trojan horses are often associated with viruses which are they are dangerous programs that masquerade as benign programs. Step 2 Make a List of Security Requirements: a. One of the first steps in creating a security policy is gathering the requirements for the company. Create a list of questions to ask the Widget Warehouse executives, in order to better understand their security requirements and business goals. 1. Widget Warehouse requirements: a) What are the specifications required for the network operation? b) What access controls are needed to be applied on the users? c) Which departments are needed to be interconnected? d) What are the login policies and to which extent are they needed to be applied? (day, time range etc) e) A list of various applications which are required for the different branches? f) To what extent the policies are to be applied on the users? g) How group policies should be applied on the server which allows the users to access information? h) What are the policies to be implied on the web access? i) Specifications of file policies to all the users? j) What are the password policies needed to be applied on the users? Step 3 Identify Security Implementation Options a. Based on the questions, it is discovered that mission-critical information is passed between remote departments in the company over the LAN and the Internet. What security implementation could be used to keep this information out of unauthorized hands? Provide a brief explanation with each answer. Company will have the information about their employees, customers, products, sales, and financial status. Most of this information is now collected, processed and stored on electronic computers and transmitted across networks to other computers. Should confidential information about businesses customers or finances or new product line fall into the hands of a competitor, such a breach of security could lead to lost business, law suits or even bankruptcy of the business. Protecting confidential information is a business requirement, and in many cases also an ethical and legal requirement. In the company one department is needed to access the information of another department. We should maintain a firewall to the server. And we have to give the access between the departments where it is required. Authorization: Authorization addresses the question: what can you do? It is the process that governs the resources and operations that the authenticated client is permitted to access. Resources include files, databases, tables, rows, and so on, together with system-level resources such as registry keys and configuration data. Operations include performing transactions such as purchasing a product, transferring money from one account to another, or increasing a customers credit rating. Virtual Private Network ‘VPN One of the most important solutions to viruses and hackers threats is VPN [4] that makes the network between companies and users secured; it is also authenticated and encrypted for security. VPNs provide the ability for two offices to communicate with each other in such a way that it looks like theyre directly connected over a private leased line. Basically, a VPN is a private network that uses a public network usually the Internet to connect remote sites or users together. Instead of using a dedicated, real world connection such as leased line, a VPN [11] uses virtual connections routed through the Internet from the companys private network to the remote site or employee. IPSec: IPSec [3] is defined as a set of standards that verifies, authenticates, and encrypts data at the IP packet level. It is used to provide data security for network transmissions. IPSec is a suite of protocols that allows secure, encrypted communication between two computers over an unsecured network. It has two goals: to protect IP packets, and to provide a defense against network attacks. Step 4 Create a Description of the Security Wheel a. The Widget Warehouse executives do not completely understand the continual process of security. They appear to be under the impression that once a security policy is implemented it will be sufficient for an extended period of time. Create a description of the security wheel and discuss the benefits of such a model. Sol: The network security wheel is a methodology of how the network security of an enterprise is maintained. Here the notion of ‘wheel is a depiction that says that network security is a continuous process. In other words, in order to keep the wheel rolling have a continual security policy, the security engineers in an enterprise should always maintain four steps: Step Name Step Description 1. Secure We have to secure our networks. This is the step where we implement our security solutions in the enterprise. Firewalls, authentication, encryption are included in this step 2. Monitor This is the step where we monitor our security solutions implemented in the previous step. We should monitor if a security breach exists. We can think about IDS or IPS in this stage. This step can also be used to validate our security solutions. 3. Test This is the step where the security engineers/specialists try to break their own security solutions. We can think of this step as penetration testers kind of job. 4. Improve This step is a continuation of the previous step. Once we find a breach or something that hinders employees productivity, then we can improve it here. This step may also be a good place to change our security policies. Step 5 Passive Monitoring a. The management of Widget Warehouse wishes to see some of the available options in security monitoring. As the consultant, suggest that a passive monitoring scheme may be an option they should pursue. Write a description of passive monitoring that is to be presented to Widget Warehouse management. Sol: Security monitoring focuses on the activities and condition of network traffic and network hosts. Activity monitoring is primarily performed to assess policy compliance, identify non-compliance with the institutions policies, and identify intrusions and support an effective intrusion response. Because activity monitoring is typically an operational procedure performed over time, it is capable of providing continual assurance. Through passive monitoring, a security admin can gain a thorough understanding of the networks topology: what services are available, what operating systems are in use, and what vulnerabilities may be exposed on the network. Much of this data can be gathered in an automated, non-intrusive manner through the use of standard tools, Step 6 Explain Using a Security Policy a. Explain to the IT Department how using a security policy can provide advantages to the company as a way to secure sensitive information. 1. Developing a security policy. †¢ By using a security policy, we can achieve confidentiality, integrity and availability over the network. †¢ The security policy addresses constraints on functions and flow among them, constraints on access by external systems and adversaries including programs and access to data by the users of different branches. †¢ Information will be protected against unauthorised access. †¢ By using access control lists and password policies, certain important data can be protected from unauthorised users. †¢ All breaches of Information Security, actual or suspected, can be reported and investigated. †¢ Retaining confidential and proprietary information. †¢ Securing applications †¢ Assuring standardization and consistency †¢ At the network level, we can minimise the spread and impact of harmful worms †¢ and viruses. †¢ Business requirements for the availability of information and information systems will be met.

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Barrier is something Essay

Unit 18 What is barrier? A barrier is something that gets into the way or stops another thing from happening. As we all know, communication is an extreme complex progress. And if one person finds it hard to understand subject or to write or even speak effectively about it, that person cannot be sure that his/her meaning has been received exactly. This loss of meaning which may block communication is often called Barrier. There are 3 main ways in which communication can be blocked: 1. If a person cannot see, hear, or receive the message 2. If a person cannot make sense of the message 3. If a person misunderstands the messages 1. Person cannot see, hear, or receive the message. Visual disability Hearing disability Environmental problems –(noise) Speaking from too far 2. Person cannot make sense of the message. Different language are being used, including sign language People using different terms, such as slang internet or text jargon One of the speakers has physical or intellect disability, such as memory loss or learning Dysfunction. 3. Person misunderstands the message. Cultural difference: different cultures interpret non-verbal and verbal and humour, in different ways Assumptions about people: assumptions about race, gender, disabilities etc. can lead to stereotyping and misunderstanding Emotional Difference, very angry or very happy people may misinterpret what is said think about sarcasm Social contest: conversation and non-verbal messages understood by close friend may not be understand by strangers. Physical barriers A physical barrier to communication Is something in the surrounding that stops the person from communicating with other. For example if the place where the conversation is held may be noisy. Impairmentsvc Some people will haveimpairments that can stop them from communication for example if they are unable to see,hear,or talk. Emotional factors Emotional factor can affect the way we communicate with others for example, lack of support /lack of trust, afraid,feeling happy,feeling sad,low self-estee/ or over/under confident. Different language Some people may not speak the same language as you and therefore you may have difficulty understanding each other Jargon Jargon is when people use technical words. The use of jargon can be confusing for other to understand.

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Genetic Engineering Essay

By using the techniques of genetic engineering scientists are able to modify genetic materials so that a particular gene of interest from one cell can be incorporated into a different cell. It is necessary to obtain a gene to modify genetic material. First a scientist isolates plasmid DNA from bacteria and DNA carrying a gene of interest from cells of another organism, such as an animal. A piece of DNA containing the gene is inserted into a plasmid, producing recombinant DNA, and the recombinant plasmid is returned to a bacterial cell. This cell is then grown in culture forming a clone of cells. The foreign DNA spliced into the plasmid is replicated with the rest of the plasmid as the host cell multiplies. In this way, the gene of interest is cloned. A critical step in gene cloning is the identification of the bacterial clone carrying the gene of interest. Gene cloning and genetics engineering were made possible by the discovery of restriction enzymes. These enzymes protect the bacteria against intruding DNA from other organisms, such as phages or other bacteria cells. They work by cutting up the foreign DNA, a process called restriction. Most restriction enzymes are very specific, recognizing short nucleotide sequences in DNA molecules and cutting at specific points within these sequences. The bacterial cell protects its own DNA from restriction by adding methyl groups(CH3)to adenines or cytosines within the sequence recognized by the restriction enzyme. The restriction fragments are double-stranded DNA fragments with at least one single-stranded end, called a sticky end. These short extensions will form hydrogen-bonded base pairs with complementary single-stranded stretches on other DNA molecules cut with the same enzymes. The unions formed in this way are only temporary, because only a few hydrogen bonds hold the fragments together. The DNA functions can be made permanent , however, by the enzyme DNA ligase, which seals the Strands by catalyzing the formation of phosphodiesterbonds. We now have recombinant DNA, that has been spliced together from two different sources. There are five basic steps included in modifying genetic material so that a particular gene of interest from one cell can be incorporated into a different cell . Step 1: Isolation of vector and gene-sources DNA. Step 2:Isolation of vector and gene-source DNA. Step 3: introduction of the cloning vector into cells. Step 4: Cloning of cells and also foreign genes. Step 5 : Identification of cell clones carrying the gene of interest. To determine whether the gene was successfully incorporated we can synthesize a probe complementary to it. We trace the probe, which will hydrogen-bond specifically to complementary single strands of the desired gene ,by labeling it with a radioactive isotope or a fluorescent tag. An example of how gene transfer and incorporation have been used in biomedical or commercial application is gene therapy of insulin. One of the first practical applications of gene splicing was the production of mammalian hormones and other mammalian regulatory proteins in bacteria. Human insulin and human growth hormone (HGH) were among the earliest examples. This insulin produced in this way has greatly benefited the 2 million diabetics in the United states who depend on insulin treatment to control their disease.

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Neo liberalism and Populism Free Essay Example, 2750 words

Neo liberalism theory aims to transfer the control of resources within the economy from the private sector to the public sector. This will increase the efficient utilization of resources, decrease costs and increase profits, as a result, the economy will become prosperous and the growth rate will increase. According to Williamson, governments fiscal policies usually result in large budget deficits that have to be paid back by future generations. The deficits result in a short term spike in employment but the long term effect is the debt burden. As the deficits continue to grow, there will be higher inflation and a decrease in productivity. The purpose of fiscal budgets should be to stabilize economic situations not to create them. Increase in public spending is a detriment to the long term growth of the country and services such as primary education, health, and infrastructure are more efficiently provided by the private sector. Williamson put forth a list of ten points that discuss ed these policies advocated by neo liberalists. Neo liberalists also advocate tax reforms in the economy. They believe that the tax base should be broadened and marginal tax should be adopted to increase innovation and efficiency. We will write a custom essay sample on Neo liberalism and Populism or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page Lowering of trade restrictions should enable economies to export goods that they have a comparative advantage in and devote more resources to them.

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Is Facebook Making Us Lonely - 911 Words

Since the beginning of time humankind has been revolutionary in the arts of technology. The invention of the wheel in cavemen times to the iphone in today s world, human beings are always inventing new gadgets to help our society or destroy. For instance, since the breakthrough of Facebook millions of users have subscribed to this social media, with it comes with â€Å"friends† however most of them are strangers. It is important to realize society has been so engrossed in the social media and internet that there has been a lost of human contact. In the first place, social media is a an extraordinary way to stay connect with friends, relatives, acquaintances, and significant other in reality this is not the case in real world, not electronically, but human contact world. According the article, â€Å" Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?† by Stephen Marche states how we as people have been dependent on the use of social media thus making us more lonely than before. As well we don t know about people’s lives until posted on the social media one example, is the tragic death of Yvette Vickers who died in her home and was not found until months later due to the celebrity s disconnection from the world. Marche states, â€Å"[Vickers] had long been a horror-movie icon, a symbol of Hollywood s capacity to exploit our most basic fears in the silliest ways; now she was an icon of a new and different kind of horror: our growing fear of loneliness† (60). Marche states about our dependence onShow MoreRelatedIs Facebook Maki ng Us Lonely?1274 Words   |  6 Pagesan author uses; all that it matters is how the author uses them to accomplish his or her goal of persuading the audience. For instance, in â€Å"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?† by Stephen Marche, the purpose is to aware his audience from The Atlantic, magazine where it was first published, that technology and social media such as Facebook are making people lonely. Marche’s audience in this case is people with a high level of education most likely with a profession, and therefore, with high income. His medianRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely?1499 Words   |  6 Pagesconnected us in unimaginable ways, and introduced us to a world much larger than our humble backyards. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a Facebook, an Instagram, or a Twitter account. Grandparents, teenagers, children, and even some pets are a part of one social network or another. While websites like Facebook are great for sharing pictures, stories, and interests, b ut they are also capable of raising awareness about important issues that may have been overlooked. Recently, the overuse of Facebook was thoughtRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely?1568 Words   |  7 Pagesthe person did was logging in Facebook, Instagram, and other social network. Physical interactions compared to only talking behind a keyboard are much better ways to express ourselves. The article, â€Å"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?† by Stephan Marche, he explained how the social network could affect loneliness at times. Marche believes that the social network can benefit people for their isolation who had never use media network. He studied the technology that can isolate us from the real world. The technologiesRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely?1236 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 151- RW October 11, 2015 Facebook and Loneliness Are people still feeling lonely even though they are connected online? Stephen Marche, in his article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely ?, explains the correlation between using Facebook and loneliness. Facebook has been used worldwide for a long time and it has always been an interesting topic to debate on. Some people argue that Facebook is harmful by isolating people from others around, and that using Facebook might make people less satisfiedRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely595 Words   |  3 PagesSentence: The essay Stephen Marche wrote â€Å"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely† is talking about with the technology what the society looks like now, and social media like Facebook and twitter have made us more densely network than ever. Paragraph: In Stephen Marche’s article, Facebook is a reason people are becoming move lonely and standard. The relationship between technology and loneliness  is  strong.  According to the article people who spend their time on devices and social network sightsRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely?874 Words   |  4 Pages In his article, â€Å"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?† Stephen Marche argues that Facebook is the vital cause for loneliness and is luring people away from social capital. According to Marche, social networking isolates individuals and creates distance, mostly amongst family members. For some, it is not only isolation but rather social loneliness. The author claims that health can also be effected by loneliness. Nowadays, due to very little verbal person to person communication, he writes that peopleRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely?1522 Words   |  7 PagesSocial media has connected us in ways we never imagined, and also introduced us to a world much larger than our humble backyards. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a Facebook, an Instagram, or a Twitter account. Grandparents, teenagers, children, and even some pets are a part of one social network or another. Websites like Facebook are great for sharing pictures, stories, and interests, but they are also capable of raising awareness about important issues that may have been overlooked before. RecentlyRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely?868 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?† In the article â€Å"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?† Stephen Marche discusses why social media, specifically Facebook is making people more lonely and that â€Å"We have never been more detached from one another, or lonelier.†Marche is stating that people who use Facebook a lot or people who interact mostly online are more lonely than people who interact face to face in person, which is proved by research. Marche is also stating with research, that Facebook, along with lonelinessRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely Analysis1428 Words   |  6 Pagesin Marche’s â€Å"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely† Social media, like Facebook and Twitter seems to be growing popular worldwide in the last few years. Have you found yourself or someone else in an awkward situation and instantly pull out your phone to scrawl through Facebook or Twitter just to keep from talking to someone in the elevator or doctor’s office? Is social media like Facebook and Twitter making us lonely human beings? One man, Stephen Marche, wrote â€Å"Is Facebook Making Us Lonely,† published inRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely By Stephen Marche1003 Words   |  5 PagesIn the article, Is Facebook Making Us Lonely by Stephen Marche, the author claims that social media makes people become lonely. Marche’s article conducted vast amounts of research to support his claim. He presented many strong points in his article about on people becoming lonely due to the effects of social media. Although this article presented data on his claim of the increasing number of people becoming isolated, this art icle shows irrelevant research the data doesn’t necessarily prove his

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Southern Gothic Style in Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is...

American literature refers to written or literary work produced in the area of the United States and Colonial America. It has many forms and different kinds of authors within its genre. One American author, Flannery OConnor, is known for her Southern Gothic style of writing. In her short story, A Good Man is Hard to Find OConnor uses the Southern Gothic style, brought on by her background, to establish various ties between the characters and their actions. Flannery OConnor was born in Savannah, Georgia on March 25, 1925. Growing up in the Deep South, her family was of Catholic religion. During her lifetime, OConnor wrote two novels and 32 short stories among other works. Many of her stories take place in the south such as†¦show more content†¦Bailey, the son of the character known as the Grandmother, decides to go to Florida anyway. Along their way to Florida with Bailey’s wife, the baby, and the two disobedient children; June Starr and John Wesley, the Grandmother is characterized as a senile, racist woman of bad judgment. This can be seen when along the ride she sees an African-American young boy and states, â€Å"Oh look at the cute little pickaninny!...Little niggers in the country don’t have things like we do. â€Å" (O’Connor 12). The climax of the story occurs as the family leaves Red Sammy’s Famous Barbecue and gets in a car accident with the Misfit himself. It is then safe to say that the assumption of the senile Grandmother is accurate due to the thought that runs through her mind, â€Å"A horrible thought came to her†¦the house that she had remembered so vividly was not in Georgia, but Tennessee,† (19). The Grandmother’s forgetfulness is in turn the direct cause of the accident and run-in with the Misfit. The two other escapees then murder the family one by one until it came time for the Grandmother to face the Misfit eye to eye, all by herself. After she tries to convince the Misfit that he was a good man and the name Misfit did not fit him at all she begins to refer to Jesus. Jesus was something the Misfit does not want to her about and as she leans to touch his shoulder he shoots the GrandmotherShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Poem Southern Gothic 1566 Words   |  7 PagesMyszkowski English 1102 17 April 2016 Southern Gothic Literature In the 19th century, the Southern Gothic genre quickly became popular after Edgar Allen Poe poems in the 18th century. Most writings were formed around the Civil War era, which plays an enormous part in the tone and setting in Southern Gothic writing styles. (O’Connell 63) Southern Gothic writing elements consist of â€Å"horror, romance and psychological and domestic dramas† (63). The setting of Southern Gothic was always dingy and dark whichRead MoreGothic Literature : The Southern Gothic Fiction1476 Words   |  6 PagesAuthors use morbidly dark and eccentric characters combined with southern charm and the ever-present gender divide to tell stories that represent a writing style known as southern gothic literature. â€Å"Southern Gothic is a subgenre of Gothic fiction unique to American literature that takes place exclusively in the American South. Elements of a Gothic treatment of the South were apparent in the 19th century, ante- and post-bellum, in the grotesqu es of Henry Clay Lewis and the de-idealized visions ofRead MoreFlannery O Connor s Writing Style1680 Words   |  7 PagesFlannery O’connor is one of the most shinning stars in American literature. Her distinct writing style makes her work recognizable and outstanding from other literature works. Many critics have commented on Flannery O’connor’s narrative voice. Louise Blackwell discovers Miss O’Connor often wrote according to southern tradition by using symbols in people’s daily life to convey the theme in a more profound way. From the perspective of the O’connor’s writing technique, Shirley Foster speaks highly ofRead MoreFlannery O Connor Is Considered One Of The Most Successful Writer979 Words   |  4 PagesMary Flannery O’Connor is considered one of the most successful short story writers in history. She composed her works during a period of prosperity and economic boom following World War II. Although the economy wa s thriving, the 1950’s were a period of struggle for women’s rights, as well as other minorities. (Digital History) Based on her success, one could conclude O’Connor exceeded all barriers against women during the fifties. Flannery O’Connor’s life experiences based on her faith, her novelsRead MoreFlannery OConnor and Her Southern Gothic Style1187 Words   |  5 PagesFlannery O’Connor, known for her original Southern Gothic style of prose has been titled â€Å"the master of the short story† (O’Connor). Her application of symbolism and the themes of Southern religion deem her as one of the most influential writers in American history. Born in Savannah, Georgia in 1925 and raised in the South, O’Connor was socialized as a member of the Catholic Church which proves evident throughout her writings. She studied journalism at the University of Iowa, but quickly migratedRead MoreAnalysis Of O Connor s A Good Man1467 Words   |  6 Pagesstories. Flannery O’Connor was raised in Georgia during one of the rough time periods in the South. She puts multiple similarities in several of her stories like racism, using violence to redeem people, as well as the Old South versus the New South. O’Connor applies her writing style of Southern Gothic to show people the reality of what is happening in the South. She has put the issues that they have in different scenarios or situations that people could understand in her short stories, â€Å"A Good Man isRead More Flannery Oconnor1301 Words   |  6 Pagesreflected on how the world was dealing with the changes. Flannery O’Connor, a prominent Catholic writer from the South, was one of the many who examined society and shared their philosophies. O’Connor shocked her twentieth century readers with the haunting style and piercing questions in her short stories and novels, which were centered on a combination of her life experiences, her deep Catholic faith, and the literature of the time. Mary Flannery O’Connor was born in Savannah, Georgia in 1925 intoRead MoreA Good Man By Flannery O Connor1369 Words   |  6 PagesFlannery O’Connor is one of the most controversial and well known modern day Southern Gothic authors in America. When she came into prominence in 1955 with her first collection of short stories titled A Good Man is Hard to Find, it was met with criticism for being overtly violent and grotesque. One reviewer from Time magazine said the short stories were â€Å"witheringly sarcastic† and â€Å"written in a style as balefully direct as a death sentence† (Simpson 44). The reviewer went even further on to callRead MoreThe Cask Of Amontillado, By Edgar Allan Poe Essay1144 Words   |  5 PagesThe Antagonists in â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† and â€Å"A Good Man Is Hard to Find† In â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† by Edgar Allan Poe and in â€Å"A Good Man Is Hard to Find,† by Flannery O’Connor, the two central figures that drive the plot, and add the most cohesion to their respective stories are Montresor and The Misfit. Poe and O’Connor knew the importance of catching and maintaining the reader’s attention, so they did so through crafting the perfect flawed villains. Without these similar yet inherentlyRead MoreQuestions for Critical Thinking1690 Words   |  7 PagesQuestions for Critical Thinking A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor 1) What is the grandmother’s attitude toward the South as opposed to the rest of her family’s attitude, particularly her grandson’s? How do you account for the difference? In the short story â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find,† the grandmother’s attitude toward the South is that the â€Å"old South† was better than the current South. For example, in paragraph 14, John Wesley, the grandson, states â€Å"Let’s go through Georgia

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Discussion about the Article for Comair Flight 5191 accident on Aug 27

Question: Discuss about the Article for Comair Flight 5191 accident on Aug 27, 2006. Answer: Brief overview of the incident The Comair operated Comair Flight 5191 that was marketed as the Delta connection Flight 5191, was essentially scheduled as a US domestic passenger flight from the Lexington, Kentucky, to Atlanta Georgia, on behalf of the Delta connection. On the morning of 27 August 2006 at around 6:35, Eastern Time the flight crashed while it was attempting to take off from the Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky four miles west of the central business district of city of the Lexington. The plane was assigned the airport runway 22 for the takeoff, but used the runway 26 instead (Kulesa, 2003). The runway 26 was very short for a safe takeoff, causing the plane to overrun the end of the runway before it became airborne. Figure 1: The approximate paths at the Blue grass airport, the blue runway shows the desired path runway 22 and the red runway shows the actual path runway 26, the ending at approximate crash site. The x part show the closed taxiway. The craft crashed just past the end of the runway, killing forty-seven passengers and 2 of the three crew members (data Jan-Dec, 2005). The only survivor was the flight first officer. At the time, not the pilot was command, this is according to the cockpit voice recorder transcript, and the first officer was the pilot who was flying at the time of the accident. According to the NTSB report in regards to the crash, the investigator concluded the likely cause of the accident was the error of the pilot. Moreover, the flight crew failed to use on the available cues and the aids in identifying on the aircraft location on the airport surface during the taxi and the failure to cross check and verify the plane was on the right runway before the takeoff (Recommendation, 2006). The report, will certainly talk about a short description of the accident, the responsibility of the workers, the part of the administration staff, flight crew, air traffic controllers, other pilots, maintenance, weathe r conditions at the time off the accident. Furthermore, the report will explore on the lessons learnt as well as the steps leased out or even applied to stop the same incident as well as some element, which are appealing for a comprehensive examination on the matter. (Brown Whitehurst, 2012) Role of the crew The service crew carries out different functions in plane operations. The flight crew is responsible to gather on the flight release customs, which incorporated the climate information, the security of the flight notification to pilots, the tail assortment of the plane to be used all through the flight, and also the arrangement of the flight (Underwood Waterson, 2013). On the airplane, we certainly have the ramp agent, who carries out duties in regards to verifying on the safety of the plane. Additionally there is the customer support agent who assist the customer on boarding on the correct airplane as well as providing guidelines, as they necessitate. Role of the various administration personnel along with other members For this specific flight bay, the LEX airport traffic control was staffed with one controller at the time of the accident plane preflight exercises, taxi, and attempt take off (Hollnagel, Pruchnicki, Woltjer Etcher, 2008). The capacity of the controller function was for the general tower and in addition the radar positions. In the plane, there was clearly the captain who held an airline transport pilot certification in addition to a Federal Aviation exceptional medical certification, which was dated, twenty first of August in the 2006 with a confinement, which committed him to wearing remedial corrective lenses whilst working out on the rights of the certification (Dekker, 2015). The function of the captain is always to execute the taxi briefing before taxi and at the time of taxi to verbalize the vital aspects of taxi clearance, which are obtained, in addition accentuating on the runway crossings (Nelson, 2008). There was the first officer who retained an air travel transport pilot certification as well as an FAA first class medical certificate. The Comair employment as well as the flight data revealed the first class executive experienced accumulated 6564 hours in flying. The first officer function is always to help out with the flying of the airplane with the captain, he acts like the co-pilot. The plane Bombardier Cl-600-2B19, serial number 7472 was made in the month of January of 2001 and was delivered new to Comair. At the time of the crash, the plan had done 14, 536 overall flight hours as well as 12, 048 number of flight cycle (Conaway, 2016). Two crewmembers ought to monitor on the development of taxi by using on the horizontal condition indicators, airport diagrams, and airport signage to establish on the positions. There was a safety administration personnels during the time of the incident, they integrated the corporate conformity committee whose function was to evaluate on the security functionality metrics to attain on the security endeavors of t he organization (Walmsley Gilbey, 2016). The weather conditions forecast and exact conditions were sound (Wood, 2014). There were no constraints to distinctness that took place in the course of the planes taxi to the runway and attempt for the takeoff. Equally, taxi as well as attempt to takeoff took place around 1 hour before the sunrise in the course of WMV without any illumination from the moon (Zinser General, 2006). Lessons learned and measures adopted to prevent similar accidents. Various lessons could be learned from incidents of the plane crash such as the case above; one of the lesson is that the captain must have executed the taxi briefing before taxi as well as in the course of taxi to verbalize the vital aspects of taxi clearance, which are obtained, more so accentuating on the runway crossings. There could be concerns of exhaustion could be a prominent element in a plane crash. The captain and first officer ought to receive a lot more than the minimal needed relaxation time, particularly from a corresponding trip in earlier days (Hajdarbegovic, 2015). Regarding Comair flight crew performance, the board earlier mentioned that exhaustion was an impairment as the casual or perhaps the underlying cause of incidents. There are methods of extenuating airport surface process issues they are; the enhancement of the flight deck area processes, execution of the cockpit shifting map displays or even the cockpit runway notifying systems, the upgrades on the surface of the airport indexing standards, alterations in the ATC guidelines (Conaway, 2016). These interventions provide distinct strategies to reduce on the outlook for the human flaws through the surface procedure and they took place to prevent it before a calamity (Underwood Waterson, 2013). Furthermore, this kind of interventions they could assist to stop any kind of runway shortcomings, which is an issue on the security board list. Moreover, have learnt that people should play their own functions to the duties assigned. The case above present negligence of the pilot and the flight crew on their responsibility and if each person performed on their duties there is probable chance the accident would have been avoided. Facet on the accident that tend to be intriguing for research The facet, which is intriguing on the incident for the study, have been in the evaluation of the attempt to explore on the taxi and attempted takeoff progression. Moreover, as well as the connected human variable issues, survival elements, ATC staffing on workers as well as the attempt of alleviating the surface routing faults as well as other problems related to the accident of the flight. References Brown, L., Whitehurst, G. (2012, May). Effects of Commuting on Crewmember Fatigue. In Brown, L., Whitehurst, G.,(2011)The Effects of commuting on Pilot Fatigue International Symposium on Aviation Psychology Proceedings pg (Vol. 422, pp. 2-5). Conaway, C. R. (2016). Pilot Designed Aircraft Displays in General Aviation: An Exploratory Study and Analysis (Doctoral dissertation, Arizona State University). data Jan-Dec, F. O. (2005). US Department of Transportation website. Dekker, S. W. (2015). 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